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Dustless Blasting

Our Mobile Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting introduces the use of water to sandblasting. The water helps keep the spread of dust down and limits the amount of debris that can be caused by sandblasting services.

In addition to making the process less of a mess, water also allows the temperature to drop and aids in keeping materials from warping. Dustless blasting has many advantages to traditional power washing, contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your sandblasting needs.

Car Rust Removal

No Coating Is Too Tough

Remove rust, paint, powder coating, body filler, and even chrome, by simply blasting.

Car restoration blasting

Warping... Forget About It

The blasting process eliminates friction and heat, so you don’t have to worry about warping metal.

Antique Car cleaning

Primer Prepping

Leave your surfaces ready for priming and prevent quick rusting.

Dustless Blasting On Metal

Some metal surfaces can be sensitive to sandblasting methods. Metal will heat up with friction and as a result the metal will wrap. With dustless blasting, you don’t have to worry about warping because dustless blasting uses water. This helps reduce friction and therefore reduces heat. With dustless blasting the temperature of the surface is reduced by 10 degrees on average. Whatever your dustless blasting need is, we have a solution.

Benefits of Dustless Blasting

There are many benefits of dustless blasting. The reduction of dust is the most obvious benefit. Dustless blasting produces 90% less dust. It does not warp metal. The process is safe for workers and requires minimal containment. The end result is a surface ready for paint. The dustless blasting process is efficient. It is also beneficial where other work or workers are performing tasks in the area. Since it requires minimal containment, other workers can go undisturbed while the dustless blasting job is completed.

Why Dustless Blasting?

Dustless blasting is the best option for surface preparation. It works will all types of metals, it keeps the surface cool, reduces friction, provides dust suppression and easy containment. Dustless blasting allows us to remove the old surface quickly in preparation for the new paint, coating or other protective product being applied.

In addition to being a faster process, dustless blasting is also environmentally friendly. The use of water creates less mess and is compliant with eco-friendly government regulations.

Dustless blasting is the obvious choice for your next surface restoration project. We provide mobile dustless blasting services in all parts of North Texas. Call us today to get a free quote or evaluation of your project.

No Sanding. No Warping. No Rust.

give us a call to resurface your automotive material today!