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Marine Sandlasting

Boat Sandblasting Services

Blisters, bilge-oil film, and paint can cause a heap of trouble for boat owners looking to acquire new paint jobs for their hull. If the correct approach is not used for various surface types such as aluminum, fiberglass or steel, more costly damage can occur. Our team of experts can properly and efficiently handle your marine sandblasting needs. We serve any of the lakes in the Dallas area and provide our mobile marine sandblasting services across North Texas.

Blackhawk’s cost-effective and safe procedures allow the restoration of any marine vehicle. Our restoration specialists have the experience to revitalize any project with a flawless coating and handle all of your marine sandblasting needs.

Marine applications

Reduced Dust Plume

Our dust free process keeps surrounding areas clean, and allows others to continue working nearby safely.

Marine Boat Rust Removal

Safe For All Surfaces.

Whether you’re working with steel, aluminum or fiberglass, we guarantee against any warping or damage of the substrate.

Car Rust Removal

Handle Virtually Any Coating.

From anti-fouling paint, to epoxy, to heavy marine growth, the Blackhawk’s mobile blasting can remove it all.

Safe On Steel, Aluminum, And Even Fiberglass.

give us a call to resurface your Marine material today!