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We are a reliable Sandblasting Company serving Greenville, TX. Our company is proudly Veteran Owned and operated and ready to serve you as we served our country. We care for our clients and genuinely want the best outcome for your media blasting projects. At Blackhawk Sandblasting our team is dedicated to your satisfaction and high quality service. Look no further for your dustless blasting needs, we’re ready to serve you.

Dustless Blasting Service

Services We Offer

At Blackhawk Blasting, one of our primary objectives is to ensure that we cater to each client. Our company began offering dustless sandblasting services from the very beginning, it is why we started our business. Over time we’ve widened the range of sandblasting services that we offer including spray on coatings. Below are some of the media blasting services we currently provide.

Automotive Blasting

Eliminate rust and oxidation without the fear of warping. Prep your car body for paint or clean out the rust before you renovate!

Commercial Blasting

Fast and efficient sandblasting services for commercial properties throughout Allen, TX. Clean your property today!

Dustless Blasting

Leave the power washer behind and rely on dustless blasting to make your surfaces look brand new, safely and efficiently.

Industrial Blasting

Restore tanks, beams, silos, concrete, and more with our safe and effective mobile sandblasting services. Schedule a quote today!

Surface Cleaning

Prevent deterioration and revive surfaces with our robust sandblasting services. From walls to parking garages, we have you covered.

Automotive Sandblasting

When vehicles are left outside for lengthy periods, they generally develop rust due to the extreme weather conditions they are subjected to. Our team provides incredible automotive blasting services, and have extensive experience with vehicles. Blasting has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of dealing with rust and other material on vehicles. At Blackhawk Blasting, we offer top-notch automotive sandblasting. Give us a call and get started on your next automotive dustless blasting project.

Dustless Blasting

Over the last couple of years, the number of companies offering dustless blasting services in Greenville, TX has increased. It’s in your best interest to hire a company with experience and expertise. To avoid being frustrated and disappointed, hire an experienced sandblasting company in Greenville, TX. At Blackhawk Blasting, we’ve been offering excellent dustless blasting services for years. It comes as no surprise that we are one of the top rated sandblasting companies in the industry. If you’d like to receive professional Greenville, TX dustless blasting services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can assure you you won’t regret making this decision.

Marine Sandblasting

Our marine sandblasting services are very impressive. To keep your boat clean and safe in Lake Ray Hubbard, Tawakoni or another nearby lake, you need a good sandblasting company. If your boat has zebra mussels or any other items on the hull, our dustless blasting service will take care of it. We also help with many boat restorations, preparing the surface or removing unwanted paint or rust. We’re here to serve you with all of your marine sandblasting needs.

Graffiti Removal

For many years our team has been one of the best dustless blasting companies in Greenville, TX. Due to our incredible reputation, our company has grown to serve all of the North Texas area. One of the most requested blasting services we receive is graffiti removal. We are a company that responds to our client’s needs and provides exceptional graffiti removal. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to have the graffiti cleaned off your walls, parking lot, metal surface or anywhere else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Keeping your commercial property presentable is imperative to your success.

Commercial Sandblasting

If your place of business requires gum removal services, graffiti removal services, or even rust removal services, don’t worry, at Blackhawk Blasting, we’ve got you covered. Before we began offering commercial sandblasting services, a many commercial property owners had to use companies out of the area. Now our team proudly and quickly serves Greenville, TX with dustless blasting services. Whether your building or your parking lot needs cleaned, call us today.

Industrial Sandblasting

Industrial surfaces are usually prone to rust, surface build-ups, and baked coatings. If not dealt with quickly, these coatings can damage the property they are on. Given that industrial properties are generally expensive, it’s logical to assume that you don’t want yours to get any damage. At Blackhawk Blasting, apart from offering dustless blasting services in Greenville, TX, we also provide industrial sandblasting services. Some of the industrial items we’re good at cleaning to include storage tanks, mining and oil equipment, iron beams, pipeline and even silos. Given that we only use state-of-the-art equipment while blasting the industrial items we’ve been hired to clean, you can rest assured of fantastic results.

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