Industrial Sandblasting

Top Rated Industrial Blasting

Surface build-up, rust and baked on coatings are common areas that require removal from industrial surfaces. Regardless of size or material, surface preparation is vital to any industrial sandblasting project. Blackhawk Blasting service a wide range of industrial items including; storage tanks, iron beams, mining & oil equipment, silos, concrete and more.

Blackhawk’s proficient industrial sandblasting technicians provide the expertise and knowledge to restore any surface efficiently with no concern of warping or hazardous exposure. Contact us today to schedule your industrial sandblasting consultation. We serve the Dallas area and beyond!

Industrial Sandblasting

Save Money & Time

Our mobile dustless blasting process is the quickest way to safely remove old paint, rust, and other baked on coatings from surfaces and stay up to date with compliance ordinances.

Dallas Fleet Sandblasting

Warping... Forget About It

The water in our process reduces friction and heat, which means that the aluminum objects and equipment will not warp or bend, unlike using other blasting methods.

Industrial Sandblasting

Clean And Efficient

Water and abrasive used in the blasting process is easily containable. Blackhawk’s mobile blasting is easy to clean up, and even gets around rivets and other hard to reach places.

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