Why Use Dustless Blasting? 10 Key Reasons


The power of the dustless blasting technique is beyond compare. It strips both old paint and rust with ease and we here at Blackhawk Blasting have done well at perfecting the art.

Dustless blasting can be a fantastic tool toward stripped and cleaning old machinery without the hassle and issues of regular sandblasting.

Not convinced that dustless blasting is the best tool for the job? Let’s dive deeper and see 10 great reasons why dustless blasting is a fantastic way to strip back down to the basics. 

1. Suppressing Dust

As the name suggests, dustless blasting suppresses the dust for easy cleanup. The use of water with the abrasive contains any rogue dust particles, leaving the process simple and easy. 

2. Easy to Contain

The focused power of dustless blasting also contains any other mess or danger to the immediate area. There are no plume clouds or even ignitable sparks to worry about, letting the job be down in smaller areas than traditional sandblasting.

3. Pure Efficiency

Dustless blasting does not sacrifice power for easier cleanup. The process is still fast and efficient, comparing favorably to the traditional sandblasting in speed and power. 

4. Safe to Work Around

Because of the contained sparks and dust, there is a much smaller area you’ll need to close off. 

Dustless blasting can be so safe that, unlike other forms of sandblasting, you can even operate the process without shutting down your plant or rig. Combined with proper safety efforts, you can work right on a live pipeline or machinery without worry. 

5. Less Abrasive Material Used

Sandblasting uses up a solid amount of abrasive material. Due to the concentration effect of the water, you need less abrasive material overall with dustless blasting. This makes dustless blasting more efficient on your material use. 

6. Cleans and Strips

Unlike traditional sandblasting, dustless blasting can also clean off the surface area after removing the old paint and rust. The water pressure helps to clear off materials like salt that can cause rust to return

With dustless blasting, your items stay stripped and clean for longer. 

7. Improves Equipment Lifespan

The lubrication of the water also helps ease the flow of the abrasive material. This leads to less heat and damage on the equipment itself, giving your old equipment a new lease on life twice over. 

8. Wide Variety of Applications

Dustless blasting can find uses on almost any surface, from any type of metal to wood and brick. This makes it the more flexible option for uses all across the workplace, from the machinery to the building proper. 

9. Easy on the Environment

Dustless blasting captures all the debris and dust from the process into the water. There are no toxic chemicals to help speed the process up or massive dust plumes to choke the air. This makes it one of the most positive processes for the environment. 

10. No Worry of Friction, Heat, or Warping

Between the water, the intense focus, and the contained process, there is a lower chance of friction, heat, and even warping. The water is the key element, reducing the temperature of any surface, metal especially, by up to 10 degrees. This removes any nasty side effects of heat from the equation. 

Getting the Most From Dustless Blasting

With these reasons on your side, we think it’s pretty apparent how potent dustless blasting can be for any job. 

To get the most from dustless blasting, we here at Blackhawk Blasting have the experience, the tools, and the expertise to get the job done right. Contact us today for more information!