Why Property Cleanliness and Image Are So Important


With nearly 70% of Americans owning a home, there’s never been a better time to get involved in real estate. The recent housing boom bodes well for the market, and many buyers are altering their criteria to include empty lots and existing homes.

Although the current market is a competitive one, some properties are still struggling to sell. Location and price often influence how long a property remains on the market, but appearance might be the more important aspect.

If you haven’t considered investing in property cleaning services, you may want to change your tune. Read on to learn why first impressions could make or break a sale.

First Impressions Matter

Though it’s often wise to not judge a book by its cover, first impressions do matter. If you’re able to make a positive first impression on potential buyers, you’re far more likely to sell your property quickly and at (or above) market value.

Renovating interior spaces, redesigning the property landscaping, and posting plenty of professional pictures of the lot could help you lock-in a great impression. A surface cleaning could brighten the exterior of a building or home.

When both the inside and the outside of your property look amazing, attracting buyers is a cinch. And while it may be easy to focus on your for-sale property’s indoor aspects, it’s vital to remember curb appeal. 

Curb Appeal Is Crucial

The term “curb appeal” generally refers to the attractive qualities potential buyers can view from the roadside or curb’s comfort. It almost always refers to exterior looks and appearances. 

After tackling your interior spaces, you’ll want to spruce up your exteriors. But larger properties can pose a significant challenge to owners, especially lots with an abundance of plant life or older, dilapidated buildings.

To increase your property’s curb appeal, try walking to the nearest public road that connects to the property. Doing so will allow you to gaze upon the lot with the same perspective that first-time viewers will have.

Try to imagine yourself as a potential buyer while you look around. Are there any features that immediately jump out at you as potentially off-putting? And what aspects draw you in, and may you want to investigate the property more?

By recognizing what outdoor areas need work (and which ones are working in your favor), you can save yourself a lot of time. Even if you decide to hire a property cleaning service, this inspection can help you instruct the cleaners more effectively.

Property Cleaning Services Can Help

While keeping your property spick-and-span isn’t always the easiest of tasks, it could make a significant difference in your home’s valuation. If you’re eager to sell or rent out your property, you’ll need to make sure that it’s looking its best.

Still, the average property can take several days or weeks to properly clean, with or without a building on the site. Fortunately, property cleaning technicians and specialists offer services to help keep frustration low and save you a ton of time.

If you’re interested in improving your property’s cleanliness, be sure to contact us today!