What is Dustless Blasting?: A Comprehensive Guide


Stripping surfaces always requires serious power. But did you know there are better, safer, and more efficient ways to work than using traditional sandblasting?

Dustless blasting allows you to quickly remove paint, rust, and dirt without kicking up huge plumes of irritating contaminants. It’s a great alternative to other stripping methods, particularly when you’re working in sensitive areas. What is dustless blasting, and why should you consider it? Keep reading to learn what makes dustless blasting different.

What is Dustless Blasting?

Dustless blasting is a method of stripping surfaces. It’s unique because the process controls the dust and contaminants stripped while removing the impurities from surfaces. Having control of the dust and debris not only saves you time not only during the cleaning process, but it also reduces the time spent setting up containment measures and cleaning up after the job ends.

How does it work?

Dustless sandblasting combines the abrasive used on surfaces with the right amount of water. The water prevents the abrasive from kicking up plumes of dust and debris. Instead, it traps the dust and debris, and it falls to the ground where you can collect and remove it.

Where can you use this process?

The applications are almost unlimited. You can use dustless blasting to strip or clean:

  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Cars
  • Boats

Water also cools down the blasting process, which is ideal when working with sensitive surfaces. Lower temperatures prevent warping and extra damage. That means dustless blasting can be used safely to remove graffiti from heritage buildings and or strip paint from antique vehicles.

When Should You Choose Dustless Blasting?

Dustless blasting is a useful alternative when you’re working in sensitive or busy areas.

The big benefit of dustless blasting is that it shortens project times. Although you are still under obligation to protect workers from the materials, you don’t need to shut down other work and clear the area. There’s little prep involved. And cleanup is quick in comparison to sandblasting.

Choosing dustless blasting is also the right choice when you have a personal or contractual commitment to preventing environmental damage. Dustless blasting skips acids and prevents contaminants from flying into the air where they can’t be caught again. Unlike sandblasting, there’s no toxic dust plume, which is not only safer for everyone in the vicinity but makes it easier to see your work. Some abrasives are made from recycled glass bottles, which reduces the waste even further.

Learn More About Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting allows you to strip paint, rust, and debris from surfaces without kicking up toxic waste into the air around you. It has applications in almost every area, and it’s particularly well suited to sensitive scenarios where you need a high degree of protection for the surface and those working nearby.

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