The Top 5 Key Benefits of Dustless Blasting


Let’s face it. You don’t have time to scrub down hard-to-clean surfaces with your hands. No one does.

If you don’t want to worry about having to break down materials like paint and rust off of your surfaces anymore, consider dustless blasting.

This new cleaning alternative holds great benefits for both the customer and the company that they hire. Keep reading to learn our top five benefits of dustless blasting.

1. More Efficient Cleaning

Dustless blasters have more energy for cleaning due to the fact that water is used instead of some other medium. This energy allows coatings like paint and rust to come up faster and easier.

Water also tends to cool much faster without having any complications. This is another benefit of using this wet medium. The cooling effect caused thicker, more stubborn coats to come up much faster than if you were to use dry blasting.

Water’s ability to cool for cleaning causes the gunk that the professionals are cleaning off to become brittle and chip off. With other alternatives, this gunk could just melt and ooze off of the surface that is being cleaned.

2 Lower Health Risk

Traditional sandblasting has been linked to the contraction of silicosis in people that are exposed to the fine granules that stay in the air. Silicosis is a lung disease that can – and often does – lead to death.

Dustless blasting uses water instead of sand to clean those annoying areas that you don’t want to have to scrub with your own hands. This means that those grains of sand do not stay floating in the air far after cleaning stops.

The use of wet media makes dustless blasting the cleanest method of blasting. There is almost no risk of developing silicosis. This makes this kind of blasting safer for workers and operators.

3. Fewer Materials Required

Because dustless blasting is faster and more efficient, fewer materials are required for cleaning.

This is one of the reasons why dustless blasting remains a cheaper solution for the customer and the company. Neither side is spending more than they should be the cleaning project.

4. Materials Are Less Abrasive

Water is a better tool for cleaning than sand or any other dry medium is. This means that the job is completed much faster with dustless blasting than with traditional sandblasting.

This is also where the company and the customer can save more money and time.

5. Easy Cleanup

Because the materials used for dustless blasting are less abrasive, cleaning the project up afterward is much easier. The water used for dustless blasting does not harm fragile surfaces or cause any warping to them.

There is also no invisible, lurking sand particles leftover. You can easily see the water that has been left behind and clean this up without any question of leftover debris.

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