The Efficiency of Dustless Blasting


Are you looking for better results when cleaning your surfaces?

Dustless blasting is one of the most revolutionary types of surface cleaning on the market. But if you’ve never done it before, you might not know how easy and beneficial it can be.

Read on to see why dustless blasting is an efficient option for your surface cleaning needs.

Dust Suppression

Water and abrasive mix together in the blast tank. While blasting, the water surrounds the abrasive. Instead of entering the air, the now trapped abrasive falls to the floor.

This helps keep surrounding areas free of mess. Dustless blasting has that extra strength to tackle larger surfaces, while also being perfect for precise jobs like automotive sandblasting and restoration.

Because water mixes with the abrasive, it creates no ignitable sparks or dust plumes. This means that dustless blasting can be carried out in open areas, even with other workers nearby.

Safety and Efficiency

Compared to mobile sandblasting services, dustless blasting creates no toxic dust plume. Visibility will improve, as well as the operators ability to move around. This in turn reduces the chance of accidents.

As the water contains the debris during the blasting process, it’s easy to clean up. This means it’s perfect for areas that have environmental regulations to follow. It also doesn’t pose a fire risk. There’s no need to shut down and work can continue nearby in safety.

Cleaning without Damage

Not only will dustless blasting take off rust and old paint, it will also clean the underlying surface. It’ll strip away any soluble salts or contaminates that lead to flash rust, giving you a longer lasting finish. If done right, surfaces can be paintable for up to 72 hours. This makes it perfect for the auto-repair business or graffiti removal.

If you have a more delicate or older surface, dustless blasting could be the right choice. You don’t need to worry about heat, friction, or surface warping. The water keeps the surface around 10 degrees colder than the surrounding air. This removes surface heat generated by friction from the force of blasting. And no heat means no warping of your surface.

Increased Equipment Lifespan

Water lubricates the abrasive as it flows through the hose, pot, and nozzle. This reduces friction and heat transfer, which would wear down equipment. With dustless blasting, the equipment lasts longer and keeps on performing.

The mix of abrasive and water results in more mass and force during the blasting process. This means you use less media and still work with more efficiency. It not only speeds up the cleaning job, but it also reduces the cost.

Dustless Blasting: A Breakdown

As you can see, dustless blasting provides a number of benefits over traditional sandblasting, without any real drawbacks.

You can use dustless blasting for a variety of tasks. It works on most surface types like concrete, brick, metal and even wood. It has applications accross all industries and for residential customers.

If you feel dustless blasting could be the right tool for your next cleaning job, then contact us today at Blackhawk Blasting. We are committed to providing quality service that produces outstanding results and customer satisfaction, and can provide a free consultation over the phone.