No Dust? No Problem: The Many Advantages of Dustless Blasting


Rust. Paint stains. Oil. 

You want to clean all of that up. You begin doing research on how to start this project and come across dustless blasting.  

What is dustless sandblasting? What are the benefits of it? Will it work for your project?      

Keep reading for more information on the advantages of dustless blasting. 

Advantages of Dustless Blasting

There are a few advantages of dustless blasting to consider for your next project. Knowing these advantages can help you decide if it is the right tool for you.

Flexible Location

Dustless blasting allows you to take your machine anywhere and serve your clients at their home or place of business. This allows for more clients to be served without worrying about the bulky setup of a traditional sandblaster.

No Work Interruptions

Dustless blasting allows everyone at a place of business to continue working nearby without any interruption. This is important because you will have fewer delays in the workday and be able to continue without interruption.

Less Mess

Unlike ordinary sandblasting, there is not a large, dusty mess leftover from a project when dustless blasting is used. The water used prevents the spread of dust and limits the amount of debris that is created. This means less cleanup will be involved and lower labor costs for the project as a whole.

Less Warping

Due to the use of water in dustless sandblasting, you’re able to adjust the temperature and prevent warping. 

No Health Risks

Traditional sandblasting can cause some health risks with the dust contributing to the potential of disease within the lungs. Removing the dust eliminates this health risk and makes it a safer operation for everyone involved. 

Works on Different Surfaces

Dustless sandblasting can be used on almost any surface without damaging it. This allows you to have more flexibility in cleaning or restoring a variety of objects with one tool.

Use It for Cleaning

Not only does dustless blasting strip away the old paint and dust, but it also helps clean the surface of the area that you are blasting. This can save you time on your project and not worry about having to clean the surface afterward.

Environmentally Friendly

This method of restoration does not cause harm to the environment. Using a dustless blasting approach saves you from having to use harmful chemicals on the project to restore the surface.

Cost Savings

Dust blasting is a faster process and more cost-effective than traditional blasting. Eliminating the cleanup and health risks save you from paying more in labor costs. It is easier to transport the equipment as well, so you won’t have to call different companies to work in different areas of your home or business.

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