How to Remove Graffiti From Your Business: The Steps Explained


As we know it today, graffiti started in the ’60s in Philadelphia. 

Graffiti, whether used as political propaganda or self-expression, is a popular form of art. We often see it on the side of buildings on our daily commutes. However, what if it ends up on the side of your building?

Many business owners have faced the unfortunate reality of having their business building graffitied by locals. It can be tough to get off, but it’s possible. 

If you’re dealing with graffiti on your building, keep reading below to discover how to remove graffiti. 

Check It Out

Before getting started on the graffiti removal, take a close look at it. Decide what kind of paint they used. Some people use aerosol sprays, but other people use markers. 

What they used will influence how you decide to remove it. If it’s on the outside of your building and covers a large surface, it’s safe to assume it’s most likely a spray. 

Decide How You’ll Remove the Graffiti

Now that you’ve assessed the situation a bit more, it’s time to get to work. You’ll probably want to decide between pressure washing or sandblasting

Pressure washing doesn’t require any funky chemicals so it’s a great option if you’re trying to be eco-friendly. You’ll want to use it to remove dirt or any other pesky stains. 

Unfortunately, pressure washing may not do the job if you’re removing graffiti on brick. Use it to start the job, but you’ll want to finish the job with sandblasting. 

Sandblasting strips the surface to erase the damage. 

Stay Aware

While you’re removing the graffiti, it’s important to stay aware. Take frequent breaks to check out the surface, and make any changes to your removal process if the surface seems to start looking more damaged. 

You’ll also want to keep an eye on objects around you. Things will get messy so make sure you warn any pedestrians passing by, and make sure not to dirty any cars around you on the job. 

Before you start on the whole job, test a small area of the wall. Confirm your process will work before investing too much time into the cleanup as a whole. 

Go Green 

Since you’ll most likely be working outside, it’s important to be aware of the chemicals you’ll be using. You don’t want to contaminate the environment around you. 

Look for green cleaners, and try your best to keep the job contained as possible. 

Keep Your Business Clean: How to Remove Graffiti

Keeping your business clean is part of your pride. If a vandal strikes and leaves graffiti on your business, you’ll need to take action. Learn how to remove graffiti by reading the quick guide above. 

Assess the paint before you get started. Once you check it out, decide how you’ll remove the paint. Sandblasting will be your best bet. 

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