How Storefront Cleanliness and Your Business Image Goes Hand in Hand


Customer experience has never been more important, in a world where anybody can share their opinions and experiences with the entire world. This can be a double-edged sword. 95% of customers will tell others about a negative customer experience, while 87% will share about a positive one.

Customer experience is just as important for physical retailers as online spaces. 95% of consumers report that a store’s exterior appearance is important to their decision to shop there.  

We’re going to delve into the psychology of making a good impression. We’re going to share some tips on how to keep your business image squeaky clean and inviting, to give your customers the experience they deserve. 

The Importance Of Business Image

Appearances are everything, whether we like it or not. Humans are very visually oriented, for one thing. Over half of the human brain is dedicated to processing visual information, as an example. 

Images and appearances are also integral to constructing narratives. Narratives, or stories, help us navigate and make sense of the world around us. Business image communicates what your business stands for and how it conducts itself to your customers.  

Establishes Credibility And Trust

There is a reason we react favorably to neat, clean appearances. It indicates care. It shows an attention to detail that extends to the products and services you provide. 

It also indicates to your customers that you care about them. You want them to feel comfortable and safe in your storefront. It shows that you want them to have a good experience. 

Directs Attention

A messy, dirty storefront is distracting. It draws a customer’s eyes where you don’t want them to go. It distracts them from what you want them to see. 

Store cleanliness helps you control how your customers experience your storefront. It helps merchandising stand out. It lets brand messaging be more clear and visible, as well. 

Improves Shareability

The era of customer-centric retailing is both a blessing and a curse for store owners. Yes, your brand can face serious consequences in light of negative press. It also creates the opportunity for your customers to literally advertise for you.

Having a clean, inviting storefront creates an opportunity to share your physical space with a customer’s network and online following. This is particularly important in an era where physical retailers need to stand out from eCommerce. 

Customers are more likely to look for an experience in physical retail. It helps brick-and-mortar shops stand out against online shopping, where they’re more likely to be able to find deals. 

Store front sandblasting is one way you can help your storefront sparkle and shine. It’s one more way you can help to keep your store inviting. It signals to your customers that you care about them, as well as your products and services. It showcases that your storefront is clean, inviting, and safe

Are You Looking For Commercial Sandblasting?

Physical commerce has been having a rough time in the 21st Century. Store owners, physical retailers, and service providers have had to face everything from skyrocketing rents to digital competition. There are still so many reasons why a business might want to maintain a physical storefront, however. 

Sandblasting is an essential component of maintaining a business image. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or to find out how dustless sandblasting can benefit your business!